Adoptamics is an animal protection association with more than 13 years of experience in the rescue and protection of animals in need. It is located in Novelda (Alicante), but also helps animals throughout the province and beyond.

    The main work of Adoptamics is the rescue of abandoned or abused animals, placing them in temporary foster homes, offering them the veterinary care they need and promoting their adoption through its website and social networks.  More than 3,800 dogs and cats are already enjoying a new life in their new homes!  Many of them are also adopted in Germany, where a team of Adoptamics volunteers personally take care of all the management and care of the animals at their destination.

    Awareness is another aspect that is worked on every day, promoting respect for animals, adoption and responsible ownership, through campaigns and talks in schools and institutes. Because one of the fundamental means to fight against animal abandonment and abuse is the information and early education of our young people. In addition, new projects are being worked on to expand the field of action.