Registration form for Furrnion IV

No atendees below 18 years of age.

Registering at Furrnion gives you access to all areas of the Con as well as the gifts and priority treatment defined in the pricing page.

Keep in mind that registration is non-refundable unless the event cannot be performed due to force majeure.

In that case, the Association for the Promotion of Art and Anthropomorphic Audiovisuals has committed to refund each assistant for for all fees paid to it.

Thus, any other payments made to third parties (such as, but not limited to, hotel reservations, transport expenses, etc...) would be excluded from the refund.

However, registration is transferable. If you can’t attend, you can sell or give away your registration to somebody else, and you'd only need to inform us to update the data with the new person’s.

After you have filled in the registration form and your application has been approved and verified, you will receive an email with the pro forma invoice and instructions on how to pay for it, depending on the payment method of your choice. Payments with credit card will have a processing fee of 2 EUR.

The hotel reservation will be available in your personal area once the details have been verified and the payments have been formalized. In your personal area you will find a link to book the hotel at the special price of Furrnion, being able to choose from the 22nd to the 27th at the announced price. You will also have access to the hotel's direct booking form, in case your stay falls outside of those dates, or if you want a different type of room. Furrnion has no control over the price and availability of the hotel through this form, since it is a direct reservation with the hotel.

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