Handy info about the hotel

The hotel

We want to introduce you to our new home in this edition: AC Alicante Marriott!

AC Alicante Marriott is located in the heart of Alicante, very close to the train station, buses and even the airport.

The four-star hotel is ideal, as it has all the services for our comfort:

    • Event and meeting space: Where else could we do the convention? We have the entire ground floor for events and meetings: in total 5 rooms for all our activities.
    • Bar-terrace: Located in the highest part of the hotel, a perfect place to cool off, although we are aware that the pool will possibly remain closed. If you are a fursuiter it is always a good place to rest or just to have a drink.
    • Lounge: A perfect place to be, talk, relax… After all, it’s the 80’s.
    • Gym: Surely more than one will want to control a little the calories you take drinking horchata.
    • Free Wi-Fi: Both in the rooms and in the common areas.


All rooms have the following equipment:

    • Toiletries
    • Bidet
    • WC
    • Bathtub or shower
    • Air conditioning
    • Safe box
    • Wooden or parquet floors
    • Heating
    • Telephone
    • TV
    • Desk

Breakfast buffet is included in the room rate.

The hotel has private parking for 13€ per day.


Getting to the hotel is easy wherever you come from, Alicante is one of the most visited tourist destinations in our country and, therefore, its communication is very good.

To facilitate the choice, we bring you a list of approximate times from some cities of the country.


Madrid – Alicante 4:00

Barcelona – Alicante 5:15

Sevilla – Alicante: 5:30

Bilbao – Alicante: 7:12


Madrid – Alicante: 2:20

Barcelona – Alicante: 4:30

Sevilla – Alicante: 5:20

Bilbao – Alicante 9:00


Madrid – Alicante 1:00

Barcelona – Alicante 1:10

Sevilla – Alicante 3:40

Bilbao – Alicante 1:20


Madrid – Alicante 5:00

Barcelona – Alicante 7:00

Sevilla – Alicante 9:45

Bilbao – Alicante 10:45



Alicante airport has international connections with all of Spain and Europe, so it will be easy to find a flight from wherever you come. Here is a small list of examples of direct connections:

Nationals: Madrid, Bilbao, Barcelona, Seville, Santiago de Compostela…

International: Stockholm, Bremen, London, Dusseldorf, Glasgow, Dublin, Liverpool, Amsterdam, Zurich, Brussels, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Oslo, Hamburg, Rome, Paris, Lisbon, Berlin…

To move between the airport and the hotel, and back, you can take the C-6 line that will take you to the Puerta del Mar square as the last stop, from there you can go to the hotel since you will have it very close. If you want to save a few minutes, if you are light on luggage, you can also stop at Óscar Esplá or the bus station (both are still close to the hotel).


The Alicante bus station is approximately 350 metres from the hotel, a mere 5 minute walk. From there you can find buses that travel through Alicante, bring you or take you home.


Alicante train station is also very close to the hotel. About 800 meters and close to 10 minutes walk. Just gotta walk along the Óscar Esplá Avenue and turn right when you reach Elche Avenue, you can’t miss it.

However, if you carry a lot of luggage, we recommend that you take the bus line C6 towards the Airport and get off at Óscar Esplá 3 stop, it will leave you 200 meters from the hotel and it takes about 2 minutes to reach the hotel on foot, or request a taxi.


Just in front of the hotel there’s the Parque del Mar, former train station. Nowadays, it is used as a facility to hold events, and it still retains the old tracks.


Being a city there are a lot of places to eat, there are lots of recreational and tourist features, we can recommend a few but the most advisable thing is to discover them.

    • Following the main road to the east (Loring Avenue), parallel to the sea we can find the Esplanade, a promenade full of restaurants and a small children’s amusement park where we can find the Crocoburguer.
    • Going up Alfonso el Sabio Avenue towards the train station, past three streets on the right you will find one of the most popular Ramen restaurants: Natsu. Recommended to go early because it is a very requested place.
    • If you fancy a good kebab, going up the police station, a parallel street before reaching Aguilera Avenue is Kebabish (recommended by many of the local furs).
    • Continuing north, just in front of the train station we can find a Burger King.
    • Following the avenue of the station we can find the Plaza de Luceros where we will also find snack areas and the most typical ones like TGB, 100 montaditos, etc. 


    • On Eusebio Sempere Avenue we can find a Carrefour Express
    • The first street down from the train station on the right side, in Aguilera Avenue, is the super Dumbo.
    • 7 minutes walk on Reyes Católicos street we can find a Mercadona
    • In Carrer Arquebisbe Loaces we can find an Asian supermarket where many interesting products from the far east are sold.

Things to see

    • Continuing along the main street to the east we can find the Explanada, a promenade where you can eat and relax, and later the Postiguet beach, famous beach of the city of Alicante that you will have seen many times on television.
    • Just north of the Postiguet beach is the castle of Santa Barbara, where you can enjoy the views, feel an authentic beast of the Middle Ages and eat at the bar.
    • The shopping area can be found very close to the train station and the Explanada, just get lost in the streets and let yourself go.
    • A curiosity is Calle San Francisco, which ends in the Plaza de Elche, we prefer to let attendees discover this street and the secrets it hides.
    • There are many free and low-cost tourist museums in Alicante. The most recommended is the Marq which is located next to the Santa Bárbara Castle but you can also visit the water museum near the old town, the Fogueres museum on the rambla, the contemporary art museum (MACA) near the town hall, the Gravina Fine Arts Museum (MUBAG), Ocean Race museum in the port before reaching the beach…
    • The promenade located in the area between the port and the beach of Alicante. It is a walkway that will allow you to approach the sea and enjoy the views.
    • The old town by day to observe the old buildings of the city and at night becomes a party area where many people gather from everywhere to enjoy. Also the port of Alicante becomes a party area at night.