Hello! Are you an artist?

At Furrnion we have many activities and events for you! Not an artist? No problem, as you can also participate in the events and enjoy the activities we propose.


Dealer’s Den

The Dealer’s Den or Art Market, is a place where both artists and buyers can offer and buy original items, prints, merchandising, etc.. Each artist is free to offer what he/she considers appropriate, so it’s always worth visiting the Dealer’s Den, who knows, maybe you’ll find an order at a good price or a super cool keychain.

We will soon be providing access to the Dealer’s Den registration for artists. Remember that the Dealer’s Den has fixed opening and closing hours. If you want to offer art and merchandising without commitment, i.e. without fixed hours, you might be more interested in Artist Alley.

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Art Volunteering

Are you an artist? We would love to have you to help us create art for the convention. An art volunteer would be one who makes a drawing or illustration for the convention, the illustrations must be inspired by the theme of the convention, in this case the 80s.

If you want to have more responsibility and help us, you can choose to be an Art CREW. We are looking for volunteers who like to take the initiative, lead or just help us ????


Artist Alley

Artist Alley is a lighter version of the Dealer’s Den for those artists who don’t want to be obligated to be at their table during Dealer’s Den hours. However, the operation is the same as its big brother, it is a place for artists to offer their art, merchandising and offer commissions for those attendees who wish to purchase.

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Art auction

The Art Auction, or Art Auction, is an event where art items are auctioned for those who wish to buy an exclusive original. You can find art, fursuits, etc. The idea is that everything offered at the auction is a unique item.

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