AC  HOTEL  ALICANTE     23/03  TO  26/03. 2023

Welcome to the 80’s


We go back to the past to talk about the future! In particular to the golden age; unparalleled fun in arcades, the growth of disco music, the discovery of the internet and the first computer… Those crazy 80s! The Costa Blanca will be the meeting of this new trip, where there will be good weather, beaches, and many historical places to appreciate the vestiges of this city.


Set the Delorean in motion, put on your grid glasses and get ready to enjoy Furrnion again after a short break (sorry, we’ve been looking for Sarah Connor all this time). The place of this new beginning will be AC Alicante Marriott, a cozy hotel whose ground floor will be exclusive for the event and with good services. New origin, new place, new dream of growing up with you again.